Monday 24 June 2013

Daniels 18th

Happy Birthday to the Daniel, here are some photos from his skate jam...

 Birthday Champagne
 What a graphic
 Gay photo 1

 Garden Army Youth Squad

 Chicken winger gap went off

 No Garden jam is complete without a mongo push race
 Convict snerp was out
 Skateboarding and beer drinking is hella hard
 Donovan smashed shit up
 Birthday cameraman
 Stair jam was bang ting
 Crab BBQ

 Gay photo 2

 Some Thrasher shit

Followed by apres skate pub beers

Happy 18th Daniel, i now feel proper old.

Friday 21 June 2013

Daniels Birthday Sunday

Dont forget its Daniels birthday on Sunday, if it rains im sure you will find us in a pub..

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Ollie over some wood

Danny Wainwright move over the Woodtrout is in town and he is kind of a big deal, he does massive ollies like this:

Friday 14 June 2013

Daniel did a wheelie

Danny has been warming up for his birthday extravaganza with a little help from Barlow...

Also Alley Kats are still coming with the edits, check out the ender on this one from everyones favourite Dylan/Nordberg impersonator....

Thursday 13 June 2013

Jarvis Brook

The Alley Kats edit from our brief excursion to Jarvis Brook skatepark has hit the interweb so I thought i would post a couple of snaps up to coincide with it....

Before every skateboard session Daniel checks himself out in the mirror to check that he looks ok for the camera...
This is the Trout focussing so he could bash out all his magical moves for your eyes...
The top of the bank was full of Midges, Harry had to take evasive action by pulling his t-shirt over his head whilst filming..

Check the edit out here...

Wednesday 12 June 2013


Finally I got myself into gear and have a blog clip for you, Evan and Trout going doubles on the garden bank....

Tuesday 11 June 2013

East Grinshred with the Kats

I really cant be bothered to upload footage i have at the moment, so its good that The Alley Kats are booshing out the edits. Heres one from a trip to East Grinstead... with some pretty good shredboarding