Thursday 26 July 2012

The Wickerman Festival

We headed on the long drive to Scotland a few days ago in the bismark (a motorhome) here are some of my photos from the weekend.....

Scotland sign

I tried to take a photo of the sign welcoming us to Scotland, but we where going so fast i only managed to get part of it..
The sex pest

Sign number 1, unfortunately they wouldn't take Caroline
The Wickerman
This is the Wickerman
These are actually beer tokens, you have to buy them at a stand then buy your beer from a bar, i dont get the logic but oh well..
Surely its how drunk am i going to get?

Cast on the mainstage
 Cast rule..
This man went mental for Cast

They handed out free food in the reggae tent..
The Wickerman lit up

 Bad Manners are always immense

 This place went mental, you couldnt leave the tent for a piss

 The wickerman then got burnt and they set off mad fireworks

 Mike Skinner DJ set was nuts after the fireworks
Mike Skinner at wickerman

Mike Skinner at Wickerman
Mike Skinner is Rad

Tuesday 24 July 2012


If you havent spotted that someone has been commenting on the posts you need to read them, i have been getting some excellent abuse from an anonymous person this is my personal favourite:

"Hey man, you need to sort your life out. You seem like a weird crazy dude. What the shit is Crabface all about, you must be ugly as hell if your a crabface, either that or walk backwards you dunce."

A-m-a-z-i-n-g, who even uses the word dunce now a days?
We should be back up to scratch on blog posts hopefully from tomorrow.

Sunday 22 July 2012

Wickerman burning

Chugging back from Scotland here is one of my many photos from the wickerman festival. The fireworks and burning last night. Although yout may have to turn you head Aaron i think its upside down.

Thursday 19 July 2012

A weekend with Steak

Little Daniel had a weekend away with steak skateboards...

I am away for the weekend, so i leave you in the hands of the fox, so you may get a post or he may mess up completely either way it will be fun

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Olympic Torch and Lewes Away

The olympic torch came through Tunbridge Wells yesterday, i took a couple of snaps through the throng of people. Brighton played a friendly against Lewes at the dripping pan yesterday evening a couple of us headed down to watch. When i set up the blog i planned on documenting some of my football trips but with the close season that has not happenend, so we may see more football appearing here.


The bar is covered in various different football scarves

I went all Paparrazi and snapped a photo of Gus and Tanno

Lewes have a friendly against Palace at home on Friday, you wonder what may happen if anything?

Unfortunatly due to stupid laws we could not take a beer around the ground which is annoying as it would have been rather pleasant

I papped Calderon signing autographs for the kids

Bruno looks pretty impressive