Tuesday 19 May 2015

Wednesday 13 May 2015

VANS - Propeller

The first video from Vans?

 Technically not as the European team released a video called 1966, which was pretty shit and was pretty much for use in Vans shops to stick on their slick 46" TV's to remind you whilst you are in the shop that it’s not just hipsters that wear the shoes but it has a deep heritage in skateboaring. If my memory serves me right the CD that accompanied it contained that epic skateboard related track "Heaven is a Halfpipe" by the one and only OPM. This fact could be wrong though as i cannot be bothered to fish out the DVD that is at the bottom of the my collection due to how much of a dull watch it was.

Now Propeller is a little different, you will not be trying to convince yourself that you haven’t just wasted a small part of your life that could have been better spent drinking a beer in the pub and breaking your teeth on some pork scratchings, while telling your mate how wavey he looks. Its made by Greg Hunt so that should be enough to convince you it’s worth watching in the first place, let alone the heavy, heavy line up of riders.

Gone are the flip in flip out, extra lame slo-mo shots of the Fully Flared, Pretty Sweet era. Propeller flys straight into a clean crisp intro featuring all the legends that wear the waffle, before moving onto the beautifully filmed HD sections (Sant will be shitting himself, over how good the filming is). This is straight to the point Mosh. Kind of reminding me a little of a Zero video, only a little mind you.

Everyone goes in and goes in hard, over this side of the pond Rowan Zorrilla (check the hat), Kyle Walker and Pedro Barros may not be that well known but that isn’t going to last long. Whichever section you are looking forward to it wont disappoint, Chima has switch tricks on lock, Gilbert is just in a world of his own, Rowley seems to like ditches, perhaps a bit too much, but I guess that’s the old age creeping in. Daniel Lutheran has one of the best ride always from a 360 flip committed to camera and AVE wears a sheepskin lined jacket.

I congratulate you if you have read this far? Why did you bother? You could have been drinking a beer in the pub and breaking your teeth on some pork scratchings, while telling your mate how wavey he looks. It’s safe to say if companies carry on dropping videos like this; the connotation that the full skateboard video is dead is sheer nonsense.

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Danny - Ollie

There is always a good story behind photo's that you dont often hear. Ten minutes before this Danny was trying another trick and his wheel fell off. He screwed the bolt back on we went to snap this photo, after he had ridden away from this Ollie he picked up his board the wheel bolt had come off and the wheel was about to follow suit. Could have ended quite badly.