Thursday 31 May 2012

The Vaults 2

Its Thursday so we are delving deep into my hard drive, an old edit from the Tunbridge Wells scene. This was on the old Inertia site in the Team Luke series again. Loads of old Tunbridge Wells heads killing it.

Wednesday 30 May 2012

Small Post Big Line

This has been keeping me distracted, i am heading to becoming as good as Phil Taylor, made a visit to the White Hart in Claygate where ever that is, Red Lion B team are on a rampage around the pubs of Kent.We need more fans so you should all turn up at the next game with pom poms and dance.

Here is what todays post is all about not sure why i havent used the clip yet as its banging plus another proper street clip to keep you all well satisfied...

Tuesday 29 May 2012

A Warning For the Snerp

For some reason this blog seems to be following a trend about the gross stuff that is ketchup at the moment. Well it appears the delightful scum of Tunbridge Wells ignored their parents when they told them it was time to go home to bed and covered the park in Ketchup...

The hubba currently looks like this..

To cheer everyone up the Donman made his own obstacle

This is what the Donman can do to the hubba when its not covered in dodgy looking juice

Monday 28 May 2012

Woodtrout Edit

Bonus post today, just seen woodbent has posted up an edit from friday. my favorite part is that Caveman Ed does another caveman, check it out here:


I have been skating but other things got in the way this weekend

Here is a skateboard clip to not bore you to tears.. More NBD's at the garden fakie ledge dancing. Lets all get out and train it up for when Sant gets back so we can film a video of some sor.

I had a booming burger.. the stuff on the bottom right is not runny poo its brown sauce because that is so much better than ketchup

People say Canterbury is boring but i found a Rupert the bear museum make of it what you will

I chilled with these cool guys

We did the coolest/greatest thing on the planet and when strawberry picking

Sunday 27 May 2012

Gary barlow

Realised for some reason we havent had a blog post with Gary Barlow in it..

Here is the man himself setting the stairs alight

We have worked out a way to keep the Snerp out the park he hates ketchup watch him slither away when getting chased by ketchup..Im with him though ketchup is rank

Saturday 26 May 2012


Being the clever chaps that we are as it was hot we decided to have a BBQ!

Lots of Meat

The Snerp chilled and being the kind guy he is brought everyone choc ices

Mack Attack and shitty Pants for some reason wear beige trousers, they must shop in topman

In an attempt to get more blog views heres a blurry photo of half the foxes leg stuck to his board

Someone has put a sign up thanking the Snerp for not having fires

If you can ollie the garden stairs from a shorter distance send your answers on a postcard to Crabface HQ.

Friday 25 May 2012


Rozz the Daniel came out yesterday and did some mad shit...

 Weaslbies board got customised..

This was mad, Daniel changes sex

Then he did this too, if the filming isnt quite up to this blogs high standards blame the Snerp for this one.

Thursday 24 May 2012

The Vaults

Delving into the vaults today. This is a rather old edit that was from the Team Luke series that was on the old Inertia website, if you havent seen it before check it out if you have watch it again and have a laugh, just a little bit of messing around at the garden.

Wednesday 23 May 2012


The sun is out again who would have thought it... BBQ sessions need to get going...

Some stickers slithered there way onto the Snerp's board

Big Switch Hammers


Tuesday 22 May 2012


Its safe to say Tunbridge Wells is going off at the moment we are filming stuff like this....

And this...

Genuine street footage right there

If you dont already also follow me on twitter @crabface64

Monday 21 May 2012


Hi guys i have just taken delivery of the first bunch of blog stickers, i did a small run as a test so if you want one come hound me when you see me.


Sunday 20 May 2012

Saturday...Too many men

Being the cool chaps we are we went skateboarding again...

Shitty pants 2 made an apperance

Ron was in Australia but some how made an apperance
If you see someone on their own make sure they join in

Everyone did hella good grinds

Filmer man got gnar and did a mad drop in before he flew away so no filming for a while..If your lucky you may see the footage of this trick one day

If you havent seen it already check Woodbents edit from last Saturdays skateboarding

Saturday 19 May 2012

more rozz

Continuing on the Daniel theme heres a short little Saturday blog clip...

Friday 18 May 2012

Shiddy Pants


He can skateboard though - photos robbed off the fox

Oh and big things are coming keep an eye out

Thursday 17 May 2012


There was some sun....

Who would have thought it a lighter dedicated to the Serpent... He needs to get this tattoed up his arm

The Serpent was doing stuff down the stairs

The fox was mad chilling and flicking his hair for the camera like a loreal advert

It was so sunny Jim found some mad bling sunglasses and rocked them like a mad celebrity rockstar

Don man likes tapping hard things

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Level Uno

It rained yesterday so we went for a rozz around level one, managed to film a short blog cam line with the flying fox Ash to keep you all happy:

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Jarvis Brook

The Pilgrim is on fire, he has filmed another edit this time at Jarvis Brook..My personal highlight is the don mans trouser/short/sock combination.

Monday 14 May 2012

Caveman Ed

Its raining outside, so no skating tonight. Time for a blog post....

we all know garden footage is boring but this footage is special because the kid in it is proper special.


Sunday 13 May 2012

Flying Frenchman

Busy Busy Saturday
Ash's car floor, he had cleaned it i was told i was not allowed to drop any tobacco on it...

We headed over to Gatwick......

.....Amazingly we got there early and got Mcdonalds

 We then picked up our international arrival and headed to the garden

I got a photo of what you all want to see a gingers nipples sticking out his t shirt

 The snerp managed to slither his way into breaking his truck, whilst doing some severus tricks

as the cool guys we are we got beers, even the Duke made an apperance


For some odd reason Sant put his watch in Ash's pint so i documented it

Then being the even cooler guys that we are we got crunk

Friday 11 May 2012

Rozzin Daniel


The 23rd June is a remarkable day it is that of the birth of Danny Able. From a young age Danny frequented the Skate Garden in Royal Tunbridge Wells, or SG as its known to some who hardflip down the infamous stairs. He spent many hours practicing his tricks and manoeuvres, which would eventually catapult him into skate stardom. He started creating sponsor me video’s from a young age, trying to impress people and hoping that they would give him free stuff. He loved skateboarding, however there where always things on the side…..

…from a very young age Danny found women and drugs this was always going to be his downfall, he spent many an hour down the park and hanging around the famous clock in the centre of Tunbridge Wells attempting and sometimes managing to get knuckles deep. This provided him with many hours of bragging to his fellow skateboarding comrades.

Come the year 2015 Danny was fully hooked up repping the threads of many of the greatest companies known in the skateboarding world such as Odessa shoes, Enuff skateboards and Superentless a well know energy Drink Company. This lead him to tour the length and the breath of the country as well as jet setting across the world and taking the Berrics by storm, as well as earning phat dollar. He got face Tattoo’s, employed a bong stoker to keep it constantly lit while doing demo’s and in the tour van as well as having contact lenses with $$ on each eye.

This however became his downfall, it was all a case of to much to young. Now in the year 2020 we are mourning the loss of one of skateboarding’s greatest. Danny found God and with the influence of the many drugs on a night out in the infamous wether spoons in town he somehow climbed up onto the chandelier, stripped and started preaching. In an attempt to get him down his long time friend Evan Armstrong launched a bottle of their finest lager, this dislodged Danny’s grip and he fell to an untimely death.

Danny Able the skateboard world misses you, if you only stayed away from the drink, the drugs and the hoes.

Danny's stuff in pear shaped by Harry Gerrard -

Thursday 10 May 2012


This kid needs our help what line should he do at St John's?

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Bank Holiday Monday

It rained in the morning, but dried up by 4 so did the usual and headed to the garden...

Thought i would get a blog clip of Sant as he is normall behind the lens...

We finally headed out to go attempt to film stuff, thinking about it i should probably have got a photo of the bear that hangs from Sants mirror that you can see half of as its alot more interesting that this photo.

Customary setting up camera shot...

Angry Ginger after bailing so refusing to pose

LP Don Man wasnt angry he was hyped

We quickly moved onto the next the mack attack quite litterally destroyed stuff

Don Man then rozzed and did mad stuff. You may see the footage one day

Congratulations if you read this far. Have a picture of a happy dog

Monday 7 May 2012

Recent Skateboarding stuff

Its raining outside so thought i would share a few bits and pieces from recent filiming missions.....May keep this up may not.

The slither doing an ollie

Hiding from the rain attempting to skate these banks... proper hard tol skate.

Crew filming whilst i stress out not landing stuff

Rozzin Daniel laying stuff down