Sunday 5 August 2012

Chelsea Friendly - The Amex

Been a while since i blogged, been pretty busy but popped to the Amex yesterday to watch the Brighton v Chelsea Friendly

The American Express Community Stadium
Feels like to long since ive been to the Amex..

We went in the East Stand Lower as our usual seats where for the away fans, they had some pretty cool shirt project done by a local school...

I hadnt had a pie for ages in usual Amex tradition they hadnt got any when we turned up but eventually got their act together and i tried the new Chicken and Chorizo pie it was pretty good and filled my pie cravings...

The West Stand looks pretty beast from the east..

The South Stand looks pretty good with the corners being filled in..

The game was on Chelsea TV, they have their own panel talk about to much money. We caught some of the highlights at half time

 Chelsea seemed a bit shocked by how good our football was and where getting a little worked up to say the least...

As i was in the East i had to wander to the back and take some photos of how awesome the West Stand looks.

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