Thursday 4 October 2012


After a trip to the new Eastbourne skatepark it got me thinking about Scooters. Now on this occasion the park was full of scooters and as you probably all know it becomes rather annoying. The micro scooter as it is known was first created around 1998, intended for freestyle use. However it is also used by business men to get to work and im sure various other things, already making it lame.

It has steadily grown in popularity that if you look at the websites of many of the indoor parks in the country they now have scooter only sessions and I walk into my local newsagents and there is a scooter magazine on the shelf. 

It is noticable that the audience that ride around on scooters are of a much younger age, this I guess is because they are easier to use as you dont have to balance as much, as well as being able to pick them up for cheaper than a skateboard plus all their friends have one. All we can hope is that these kids see me on my skateboard and decide that they want to be as cool as me and ride around on a piece of wood with wheels, instead of a piece of metal with wheels. So they are kind of the same thing.

This got me thinking if it was older people riding these metal monstrositys that knew skatepark rules and ettiqute and not just primary school childern pushing along getting in the way and not really doing much as i didnt really see one of the many many scooter kids actually do 1 proper trick at Eastbourne. Would we despise them as much?

Then I realised the answer is still probably yes.

This video by some Brighton locals always makes me chuckle...

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