Sunday 27 January 2013

Scooter Revolution

It was still a little damp from the snow still so we headed up to Rev for a session and to film an edit.

Now before I go any further, it appears that Rev is suffering from a full blown scooter epidemic. I understand that they operate a business and the scooter "craze" is a brilliant cash cow, but to let the amount of scooer kids they did today in for a session with many of them looking like they only leart to walk a few years ago is madness and a recipe for disaster. It struck me as greed and pound signs ringing in the eyes of the owners. At least limit the amount of people in the park and teach them skatepark ettiquette not just go up and down repeateldy and allow no one one else a go and scoot straight into people.

Rant over luckily for the late session it was past their bed time and we ended up with a rad skate and some footage....

The bunny was out again, for all you bunny fans out there click HERE for more photos (i have made sure that the bunny is not actually for sale, so dont fear people more bunny shots will happen)
The Trout was well excited, Alley Kats represent, he is a big deal.
Mid journey fresh air break
Driving to Broadstairs is like the end of the world you get to see old aeroplanes and everything
scooter world..
The Fox even has scooter fans.
Beware the Fox wipes out scooter kids...
Hello ladies
 This kid was just chilling filming on his IPad

 Should be #SCOOTREV
In the end was a pretty rad session, look out for the edit soon. we ate Chickaaan

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