Sunday 24 March 2013

Chicken Mayo

Skateboarding has happened. Apologies for the lack of updates, as it was snowing in TW and pretty much everywhere else we made an excursion to skate the newly done up BaySixty6.....

We all had to wait for the Daniel to turn up...
The Fox has some good stuff on his phone that you will hopefully see..
The Woodtrout is to cool and has lost all respect beacuse he has covered a Crabface sticker with a Supreme one.
Obviously had to take a photo of this....
The new bay setup is pretty good.
Woodtrout made a new friend...
Blurry Fox..
The Woodtrout bossed the bowl and scooter kids ran for cover..
We intruded on a Fox/Daniel date..
 It was snowing so what else do you do in London.. Go to Hamleys
 Board Shapes

 The Duck and the Trout found the Scalextic

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