Wednesday 11 September 2013

Wood trout Wednesdays

Hello everyone this weekend we headed to Bristol for the monster and dc big 3 comp which was pretty gnar the crewdem got down to lloyds on a sunny day which then got pretty rainy with a classic Harry and Alex move wearing shorts after an hour it looked bleak but we headed back to the comp and we where just in time for Danny to enter the big 3 session 
After this he won 250 big ones for his I path flip and got asked by someone dodgy if he had any sponsors we then chilled and on Sunday Malcolm filmed a banging ak which is up on the alley Kats YouTube channel now 
Monster money 
Mango Kats 
Get rich or die trying 

In other news I've got a new skateboarding caddy which is pretty handy 

Also gnarliest photo of the week barlows van! 

And finally here is the notorious jim 

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