Sunday 13 October 2013

Eleventh Hour

If you havent heard of this video, where have you been hiding. What was to be the Grey video turned independednt due to music right problems. I have been holding out on writing this as im not sure i can do the video justice.

Magee's video legacy lives on, you can see that Jake Harris has taken influence from Blueprint and Static videos. After a long into of 16mm footage. Luka Pinto kicks things off, now if you have seen his "Getting By" part you will know that he is pretty fucking good. But it hadnt quite prepared me for how good this part would be, fast, raw, powerful skateboarding and sets the tone well for the rest of the video...

Chris Jones is next up and oozes style making hard tricks look easy and does a beauty of a kickflip. I hadnt previously seen much of Arthur Derrien but anyone whos part opens with a stockwell line im a fan of, this blends into a short and technically ridiculous Dan Clarke section, how he is not hooked up I dont know.

This is followed by a montage of many well know faces and a good amount of Brady footage and a Will Harmon ollie at Elephant and Castle that i never thought possible. Sylvain Tognell's ender is a pleasure to watch..

The next montage is opened by the Isle team and then contains many more big hitters, including a Ali Drummond beast of a wallride. New Adidas international rider Kevin Lowry continues the videos theme of fast raw street skateboarding and reminds me alot of Dennis Busenitz, what i would give to be able to skate like that. The nick Jensen part is a stone cold classic and needs to be seen by evereyone, the video is worth every penny just to see this section.

Enders goes quite rightly to Tom Knox, two songs and it is special. I dont need to write anything else.

Jakes has done a brilliant job, the filming, editing and soundtrack all fit perfectly together and their is no filler. The video start by saying: "Time is running out for full length skate videos help keep them alive". Make sure you buy this one....

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