Friday 13 March 2015

Hilbert & Grosvenor Skatepark Article

Props to all those involved in the article below in todays Courier. It is very disapointing that the works didnt address the original problems with the park, it was stessed that these needed to be dealt with before anymore additions were made. Unfortunatly this wasnt the case and we are left with a bodge job. 

I am still suprised that Gravity could make such a poor move especially if you look at some of the parks that they have CREATED. Where to point the figure for this bodge job is hard, but why are we left with such a shambles of a park, when Crowborough, Uckfield and Tonbridge have such nice skateboard facilities? I guess we all saw this coming and just will have to deal with the inadequate state of the park untill someone has an accident and the park is deemed a health and saftey issue.

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