Friday 11 May 2012

Rozzin Daniel


The 23rd June is a remarkable day it is that of the birth of Danny Able. From a young age Danny frequented the Skate Garden in Royal Tunbridge Wells, or SG as its known to some who hardflip down the infamous stairs. He spent many hours practicing his tricks and manoeuvres, which would eventually catapult him into skate stardom. He started creating sponsor me video’s from a young age, trying to impress people and hoping that they would give him free stuff. He loved skateboarding, however there where always things on the side…..

…from a very young age Danny found women and drugs this was always going to be his downfall, he spent many an hour down the park and hanging around the famous clock in the centre of Tunbridge Wells attempting and sometimes managing to get knuckles deep. This provided him with many hours of bragging to his fellow skateboarding comrades.

Come the year 2015 Danny was fully hooked up repping the threads of many of the greatest companies known in the skateboarding world such as Odessa shoes, Enuff skateboards and Superentless a well know energy Drink Company. This lead him to tour the length and the breath of the country as well as jet setting across the world and taking the Berrics by storm, as well as earning phat dollar. He got face Tattoo’s, employed a bong stoker to keep it constantly lit while doing demo’s and in the tour van as well as having contact lenses with $$ on each eye.

This however became his downfall, it was all a case of to much to young. Now in the year 2020 we are mourning the loss of one of skateboarding’s greatest. Danny found God and with the influence of the many drugs on a night out in the infamous wether spoons in town he somehow climbed up onto the chandelier, stripped and started preaching. In an attempt to get him down his long time friend Evan Armstrong launched a bottle of their finest lager, this dislodged Danny’s grip and he fell to an untimely death.

Danny Able the skateboard world misses you, if you only stayed away from the drink, the drugs and the hoes.

Danny's stuff in pear shaped by Harry Gerrard -

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