Sunday 3 June 2012

Big beach Boutique 5

A break from the skateboarding a group of us went down to my second home the Amex last night to see Fatboy Slim

Here is a shot of the stage biggest tv screen in England

Jaguar Skills is the sickest thing you will ever have digested into you ears

Andrew chilled

We drank to much and had to sober up by eating (well i did any way)

The crew minus a few, how fucking cool do we look?

This girl must have been fucking desperate, everyone crowded around cheered and took photos so thought i better join in

Then Fatboy came on he literally slayed it and was beyond good, unfortunatly my phone died so i couldnt document how immense the music, big tv and lasers where i have nicked a photo from Kevin and posted it below so hopefully you will all understand

Epic evening

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