Wednesday 13 June 2012


I have quite a few photo's clogging up my very expensive camera device so today im going to post a few....

We visited a Cafe in Nottingham called Big Poppa's, i was hyped as it was quite obviously named after a Biggie song. However they seemed to class Guinness as a home made juice?

This photo is a little boring but it does give me a reason to right Weaslboobies as he is lurking in the photo

This is the aftermath of the rail footage i posted the other day, the poor board

We skated these rails the other day. Ed managed to dodge having a kidney problem by doing a 50 50, i reckon i could be a pro photographer soon

Sant admiring his 10 year old wiskey/scotch/alcoholic beverage. I like his hair it looks pretty good in this photo

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