Thursday 26 July 2012

The Wickerman Festival

We headed on the long drive to Scotland a few days ago in the bismark (a motorhome) here are some of my photos from the weekend.....

Scotland sign

I tried to take a photo of the sign welcoming us to Scotland, but we where going so fast i only managed to get part of it..
The sex pest

Sign number 1, unfortunately they wouldn't take Caroline
The Wickerman
This is the Wickerman
These are actually beer tokens, you have to buy them at a stand then buy your beer from a bar, i dont get the logic but oh well..
Surely its how drunk am i going to get?

Cast on the mainstage
 Cast rule..
This man went mental for Cast

They handed out free food in the reggae tent..
The Wickerman lit up

 Bad Manners are always immense

 This place went mental, you couldnt leave the tent for a piss

 The wickerman then got burnt and they set off mad fireworks

 Mike Skinner DJ set was nuts after the fireworks
Mike Skinner at wickerman

Mike Skinner at Wickerman
Mike Skinner is Rad

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